Wrought iron

It is almost pure iron. It contains less than 0.15% carbon. Attempts are made to reduce the other impurities during the process of manufacturing.

Properties of Wrought Iron:
1. Its ultimate compressive strength is 200 N/mm2 and ultimate tensile strength is 375 N/mm2.
2. It is ductile and brittle.
3. Its unit weight is 77 kN/m3.
4. It melts at about 1500°C. It becomes so soft at 900°C that two pieces can be joined by
5. It can absorb shocks very well.
6. It forms temporary magnets but it cannot be magnetised permanently.
7. It rusts more easily.

Uses of Wrought Iron:
1. It is used for making nails nuts and botts, wires and chains.
2. It is used for making roofing sheets, grills, fences, window gaurds etc.

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