Modular Coordination

Modular Coordination ~ a module can be defined as a basic dimension which could for example form the basis of a planning grid in terms of multiples and submultiples of the standard module.
Typical Modular Coordinated Planning Grid ~
Let M = the standard module :

Structural Grid ~ used to locate structural components such as beams and columns.
Planning Grid ~ based on any convenient modular multiple for regulating space requirements such as rooms.
Controlling Grid ~ based on any convenient modular multiple for location of internal walls, partitions etc.
Basic Module Grid ~ used for detail location of components and fittings.
All the above grids, being based on a basic module, are contained one within the other and are therefore interrelated. These grids can be used in both the horizontal and vertical planes thus forming a three dimensional grid system. If a first preference numerical value is given to M dimensional coordination is

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