What is detailing in interior design

  • Detailing can be thought of as a subset of interior design in general.
  • It is a creative process of problem solving with constraints and choices aimed at translating broad design concepts into construction reality.
  • Sometimes there are more constraints than choices and sometimes more choices than constraints.
  • It is the designer’s task to know how to make the best choices and attempt to make constraints into assets. It is not just a technical activity but also a creative process.
  • Although detailing means different things to each designer, there are three basic things detailing does. First, it is a way fitting the pieces together.
  • There must be a way of physically and visually connecting the various components of an interior space or architectural feature.

For example,

  • A doorframe must attach to a wall opening in some fashion regardless of how simple or complex the detail may be.
  • Second, detailing solves functional problems, responding to the specific needs the interior space is trying to fulfill.

For example,

  • providing a moistureresistant, durable surface is something a bar countertop must do, but there are innumerable ways that such a surface can be created.
  • Thirdly, detailing is one of the most important ways toenhance the overall design intent of the project.
  • The basic elements and principles of design, as well as broad design concepts, can be reinforced with the design of the smaller-scale details that make up a space.

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