Drawings in the Construction Process

Construction process —->

Location Drawings 
Site Plans ,used to locate site, buildings, define site levels, indicate services to buildings, identify parts
of site such as roads, footpaths and boundaries and to give setting out dimensions for the site and buildings as a whole. Suitable scale not less than 1 : 2500

Floor Plans  used to identify and set out parts of the building such as rooms, corridors, doors, windows, etc., Suitable scale not less than 1 : 100 Elevations … used to show external appearance of all faces and to identify doors and windows. Suitable scale not less than 1 : 100 Sections … used to provide vertical views through the building to show method of construction. Suitable scale not less than 1 : 50 Component

Drawings ~ used to identify and supply data for components to be supplied by a manufacturer or for components not completely covered by assembly drawings. Suitable scale range 1 : 100 to 1 : 1
Assembly Drawings ~ used to show how items fit together or are assembled to form elements.
Suitable scale range 1 : 20 to 1 : 5 All drawings should be fully annotated, fully dimensioned

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